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Wild herbs


Join us into the rich world of wild herbs - Superfood of nature!

Wild plants are nutritional powerhouses; they are rich in nutrition and flavours. The nettle for example contains six times more iron than spinach! In addition, they are ecological and sustainable, local and free!

We will explore the nearby surroundings and find ten most common Finnish wild herbs and vegetables. You will learn how to recognise them, where to forage, how to use them in cooking and store the catch for the long winter season.


The program also includes information of the positive health benefits you get from spending time in nature and tasting of snacks made of the wild, green gold of nature.

Wild herbs
Wild herb activity
  • 45€ + VAT 24% per person. Minimum charge is for 10 persons

  • Duration of the activity is 1,5 h or according to your wishes. The lenght of the walk can also be modified to your group

  • Max group size 40 (for bigger groups please ask for availability)

  • Available: May - September

  • What to pack:  Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather and good shoes to walk in nature

  • In case of rain we will provide good and comfortable rain capes

  • Water bottle is included

  • Area

    • Espoo / Helsinki / Hyvinkää / Kirkkonummi / Nuuksio​

  • Location

    • Hotel Majvik

    • Hotel Hanasaari

    • Restaurant Haltia

    • Hotel Nuuksio

    • Backby Manor

    • Hotel Korpilampi

    • Hotel Lepolampi

    • Haltia Lake Lodge

    • Koiviston Huvila

    • Palsta Kirkkonummi

  • Difficulty

    • Easy​

  • Languages

    • Finnish, English

  • Insurance Plans

    • Organizer has a liability insurance, the personal accident insurance for the participants is not included

Wild herbs
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