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Bird house to the forest


Help cavity nesting birds and join us for a hike, where we bring a birdhouse to the forest!

You get to hang the birdhouse to a tree together with your group and a professional nature guide. At the same time you hear more about birdhouses and the cavity nesting birds, nature of Nuuksio and it's distinct features.

We hike along the forest trails and paths and enjoy being outdoors together.

Hang the bird house to a tree
Bird house outdoor activity
  • 47€ + VAT 24% per person. Minimum charge is for 10 persons

  • Duration of the activity is 1,5 - 2 hours. The lenght of the walk can be modified to your group

  • Max group size 100 (includes one bird house per 25 persons)

  • This activity is available all year around

  • What to pack: Outdoorsy clothing matching the weather and good shoes

  • In case of rain we will provide good and comfortable rain capes

  • Water bottle is included

  • Area

    • Espoo / Helsinki / Hyvinkää / Kirkkonummi / Nuuksio​

  • Location

    • Restaurant Haltia

    • Hotel Nuuksio

    • Hotel Korpilampi

    • Haltia Lake Lodge

  • Difficulty

    • Easy

  • Languages

    • Finnish, English

  • Insurance Plans

    • Organizer has a liability insurance, the personal accident insurance for the participants is not included


  • Organizer will maintain your birdhouse the year of installing + 2 following years

  • We will send you once a year a 1-minute video where the birdhouse is opened (during maintenance at early winter season) and you can see whether there has been nested or not. We also send you pictures of your birdhouse and the possible nest.

  • You can also buy extra years for the maintenance. Price for one birdhouse is 85€ + VAT 24% per extra year

  • Organizer has a land owner permission for this activity

Team building day outdoor activity
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